LSI is an abbreviation that stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. LSI are keywords that are used by search engines such as Google to understand web content. These keywords are mostly related to the topic. For instance, if you are talking about a house, the LSI keywords might be home, dwelling, residence, or apartment.

Can LSI words boost SEO rankings?

The answer is a solid YES!

Traditionally, Google insisted on keyword density to increase a business’ online visibility. Still using the above example, if a page contained the word ‘house’ several times, the algorithm behind Google would automatically know that the page is all about houses. This alone was a major limitation to website owners who needed quality content for their website without excessively and meaninglessly bombarding the page with specific keywords.

However, thanks to technological advancements and Google’s changing algorithms, the above scenario is no longer in play. Currently, Google uses LSI words to get a better grasp of the overall content of any given page. With words like homestead, roof, or habitat, Google realizes that the page is on the topic of houses.

What Do LSI Words Do?

As stated earlier search engines use LSI to understand the contents of a page. It is used to help online consumers find the exact thing they are looking for and not only what they searched for.

One of the ways to catch LSI words is while doing a search on Google. These are the highlighted words that are not exactly what you searched for but are related to the keyword.

How to Find LSI Keywords

Considering the importance of LSI keywords, businesses must take appropriate measures to get the relevant LSI words if they want to see significant online business growth.

Some of the ways of finding LSI words include:

  • Understand Your Industry

Grasping the intricacies in your industry is the first step to the successful utilization of LSI words. This alone allows you to naturally pair related words together to increase the quality of your website’s content.

For instance, you are an automotive dealer, by using words such as car dealership, rims, wheels, auto body paint, ensures all your bases are covered. This increases your chances of conversions if any person uses the above-mentioned words in their search query.

However, understanding your industry is just the tip of the iceberg. The next tip allows you to leverage more possibilities.

  • Make use of online tools

Advancements in technology have indeed made life easier. For example, programmers have developed various online tools that make LSI keyword searches easier and faster.

As a businessman, leveraging these online tools is advantageous as it keeps you competitive.

The Bottom Line

LSI words are instrumental in boosting the ranking of a business in search engines. To ensure success, these words must be used in the headings, throughout the page, in the image names, and in the anchor text where applicable. The trick is to use these closely-related words close to each other. However, in such a case, they need to blend in naturally.